AGM minutes 2018

Minutes of the AGM for the Landscape institute East of England Branch

Mott MacDonald, Cambridge

2nd May 2018


  1. Apologies: Blaise Cook, Anne Westover, Sarah Long
  2. Attendees: Adams Liz, Bailey Catherine, Thompson Chris, Sechi Martina, Chevalier Manon and as per attendees-AGM2018.
  3. Minutes of last AGM, Thursday 27th April 2017, approved


  1. Chair report / Elizabeth Adams:
    1. Review of the past year events, including tour of Barcham Nursery and Beth Chatto garden and BIM and Tonic! The branch also co-hosted the Essex Place Services Landscape History seminar: Forests of Essex in memory of Oliver Rackham.
    2. Overview of the branch activities: our regional rep has attended LI board meetings and away days and brought to the committee LI requests for discussion; the East of England Public sector working group has continued to meet during the year with the aim to draw the diminishing number of public sector members together to identify key ways to maintain the profile of Landscape professionals in the public sector; co-ordination of a central P2C study group.
  2. Treasurer report / Sarah Long:
    1. Account of 2017 / 18 approved
    2. The balance at 15th May 2017 was £4196.76.
    3. The intention has been to make use of branch reserves for events and activities, to draw down the above balance.
    4. Funding from the Landscape Institute totalled £3,779.00 (£1,569.00 received in June 2017 and £2,210.00 received November 2017)
    5. Income from the successful BIM’n’Tonic event in December 2017 was £317.44
    6. Outgoings to pay for event and meeting venues, speaker expenses, student awards, refreshments and travel expenses totalled 2,283.45
    7. The balance stands at £5,357.10, sufficient to cover events and expenditure until October 2018, when a further bid will be submitted, if required.


  1. Proposed Committee for year 2018 / 17 (approved by Martina Sechi seconded by Lisa Finch):
    1. Chair: Will Dutch
    2. Vice Chair: Jonathan Dix
    3. Landscape Institute Rep: Elizabeth Adams
    4. Secretary: Martina Sechi
    5. Treasurer: Sarah Long
    6. Social Media: Manon Chevalier


  1. Merrick Denton-Thompson (LI President) Presentation on his experience as president, the LI achievements and aspiration for the future (new LI Corporate Strategy)


  1. AOB:
    1. Merrick Denton-Thompson to come back for and event on environmental management.


  1. Conclusion


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