AGM Treasurer’s report 25.04.2017

Landscape Institute East of England

Treasurer’s Report Financial Year 2016/17



The Current Account report for the year 2016-2017 is summarized on the attached table which has been submitted to Andy Wallace, Head of Finance and Governance at The Landscape Institute as part of the region’s annual audit.


There have been a number of significant changes to our banking process this year. First we agreed to the winding up of our Deposit Account in November 2016 which no longer made much income in terms of interest. The balance of £5365.28 was transferred to our Current Account at the beginning of December. As we had a good buffer of savings the LI requested that we use up some of this before bidding for further funds.


The second change was the creation of an online account for the branch which occurred in January/February 2017. We have now made successful payments using the online system reducing the need for the use of cheques.


This year the opening balance for our current account was £1450.79. The money in from events, grant funding from the LI of £2900.00, transfer of funds from the deposit account and a temporary loan of a £1000 from the LI amounted to income of £14414.58 (this increase in activity due in large part to the Ecosystem Services by Design conference in November). Money out to pay for event and meeting venues, speaker costs, refreshments and travel expenses amounted to £11142.22 giving us a healthy balance of £4723.15 in our Current Account going into 2017/18.


In summary:

  • Grant finding from the Landscape Institute was received in April 2016 of £2900.00 for activities from April –September 2016 but no bid or funds were received from September to March 2017 so that we could use up some of our reserves. A bid is to go forward for the next six months activities although we have a healthier balance than we anticipated six months ago.
  • We had an ambitious programme this year, however all the events we ran made a loss:


Events Income Costs Profit/Loss
CDM Regs and AGM £782.25 £1119.20 -£336.95
Capability Brown conference with ECC £0.00 £770.00 -£770.00
Perennial plants in the landscape seminar £384.00 £2355.00 -£1971.00
Ecosystem Services by Design conference £2208.52 £3235.84 -£1027.32
  £3374.77 £7480.04 -£4105.27


  • The CDM Regs update was well attended with 24 attendees and 10 no. staying for the AGM. The income covered around two thirds of the costs.
  • The Capability Brown conference was organized by Essex County Council and was primarily aimed at landscape historians and historic environment professionals. However, it was a high profile topic for the LI last year and so we managed to secure an LI Fellow (Liz Lake) to chair the event, and to get a number of free student places and our logo in the publicity information for a contribution to publicity costs and refreshments. Upwards of 60 people attended.
  • The speaker costs for the Perennial Plants event was the major outlay for this event and in retrospect we should have charged more for the tickets, as we covered just 16% of our costs. However, for the outlay we secured a national figure of the new perennial plant movement, Noel Kingsbury and had excellent attendance of 40.
  • Our biggest and most successful event of the year was the Ecosystem Services by Design conference in November with 70 attendees. Although we made a loss of over £1000 we covered around two thirds of our costs.


Future funding

We are submitting an application for funding to the LI for the first six months of the year for which we are still awaiting confirmation of approval. The process was delayed this year so that the new business plan could be launched before submission. Our estimated activity costs for this half year are around £3500.00. With reserves of c £3700.00, this current application will seek a contribution to around  £2000. These funds will go to help support this AGM/Chelmsford tour (April 2017), a Renewable Energy/LVIA event and Barcham Tree/Anglesey Abbey tours in June 2017, and support for the ECC-led Forests of Essex Conference in Epping, as well as contributions towards our ongoing activities (Public Sector Working Group, P2C sessions, Committee meetings and the Annual Student Awards).


As ever we welcome suggestions for CPD and social/networking events. The Landscape Institute (LI) is keen to align regional activities with LI priorities. The Business Plan 2017-18 identifies three major campaigns going forward:

  • Value of landscape as infrastructurepromoting the contribution of the profession, on issues including green infrastructure, health and wellbeing and natural capital
  • LI Futuresensuring the profession has the right skills for the future, emphasising BIM and digital skills in 2017-18, increasing our focus on CPD and training and helping members develop ‘soft skills’ and demonstrate the value of their work
  • Inspiring the next generation of landscape professionalsthrough new digital materials and lesson packs for school students, and through developing alternative routes into the profession, such as apprenticeships

A link to the full business plan on the LI website can be found below.


Catherine Bailey        LIEE Acting Treasurer                        27.04.17

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