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A Green Infrastructure Design course is available from Essex County Council Traditional Building Skills and Conservation Courses Programme on 17th May 2019 at the Broadgate Welcome Centre in London. Information on the event accessible from the link below:   ©Essex County Council   … Read full story

Congratulations to Michael Ekers

Landscape Institute East of England is glad to give Michael Ekers the UG Award for his remarkable Undergraduate’s dissertation.     (c) Visual credits: Michael Ekers Michael is a MA Landscape Architecture student of the School of Sustainable Environments and Design at Writtle University College. Here is the Synopsis he wrote to explain his work: ‘Bounded on two sides by water, Sadd’s Wharf is placed in a dynamic physical context. The shift from urban to natural is apparent, as channelised river and rigid, architectonic … Read full story

Ash dieback found on three new host species of tree in the UK

The Forestry Commission is urging industry to be vigilant for signs of ash dieback on new tree and shrub species and report suspected sightings through its Tree Alert reporting system.   The call comes after three new tree and shrub species in the same family as ash (Oleaceae) tested positive for ash dieback (Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) infection at the Westonbirt Arboretum, Gloucestershire.   The findings are unlikely to have a significant impact on the environment as the newly infected species are … Read full story

Do you know enough about planting?

  Writtle University College singular modules for CPD (Landscape Architect):  a great opportunity to build or refresh your plant knowledge! Selecting Plants for Designed Landscapes: This module’s focus is on appropriate plant selection, not only for design intent and aesthetic value, but with regard to the site, sustainability, its contribution to biodiversity and future maintenance requirements. The reasons for plants failing to establish in the designed landscape are investigated. There is an emphasisplaced on the skills of plant knowledge and identification, including … Read full story

FOLAR symposium: British Agricultural Landscapes – past, present and post-Brexit

  14 April 2018 10am to 5pm at MERL, University of Reading This year’s FOLAR Symposium deals with British agricultural landscapes since 1945 and considers its future. Speakers include: Professor Adrian Phillips former CEO of the Countryside Commission from 1981-1992 on the post-War story, Dr Simon Mortimer of Reading and Director of the Biodiversity, Crops and Agro-ecosystems Division on options for future agri-environment policy, Paul Tiplady CMLI former Lakes District National Park CEO on the role of agriculture in our National … Read full story

Seminars by the Trees and Design Action Group (TDAG)

A Guide to Tree Species Selection for Green Infrastructure – Helping to grow a resilient urban forest   We face multiple urban challenges, both today and into the future, including the anticipated impacts of a changing climate.  As a major component of green infrastructure, trees are widely recognised as making a significant contribution towards ameliorating some of these issues. However, trees can only deliver their many benefits over the long term if appropriate species are selected for a given location. … Read full story

BIM & Tonic

Is there a way to digest the intricate but necessary BIM process? Yes…perhaps with a bit of Tonic! Save the date for an enlightening and inspirational evening that will take you through the essentials of BIM and show you how various Levels are delivered on real projects. Your guides in the world of BIM will be two exceptional speakers: Mike Shilton – Chair of the Landscape Institute BIM Working Group & Product Director at Keysoft Solution. Mike will explore the … Read full story