Committee meeting minutes – 2/8/2016

Apologies: Dawn Purves (DP), Martina Sechi (MS), Catherine Bailey (CB), Jon Rooney (JR), Rebecca Morgan (RM),

Present: Elizabeth Adams (EA), Alexia Lozano (AL), Javier Babi’ (JB), Caroline Noble (CN), Jonathan Dix (JD), Sarah Potter

Minutes of meeting held on  7th June 2016 – APPROVED
Matters arising

o   MS to provide a list of contacts and circulate to the committee.

o   Rachel Bodiam passed on her thanks for the gift from the committee.


A. Public Sector Working Group

    • Email report received from CB.
    • JD reported that the first meeting had a full agenda but raised lots of issues.
    • The second meeting will be held in October.


B. Herbaceous plants in the landscape: (22.09.16 – Fullers Mill, Suffolk)

    • EA reported that 5 people had booked onto the event to date.
    • Eventbrite is currently closed resulting in 1 person asking to go on a waiting list.  MS to reopen booking asap.
    • EA to liaise with DP to update publicity to include information on key speakers
    • MS to recirculate publicity to all members as well as Society of Garden Designers, RHS, Writtle and Cranfield Universities. CN to forward details to  Jill Raggit at Cranfield University.


C. Ecological services in design seminar (18.11.16 – Milton Keynes)

o   JB reported good progress on the event. All speakers are confirmed and summaries of presentations and speaker bios nearly complete.

o   JB to send through a summary of all the information to the shared LIEE email inbox (  This is to include details of all speakers and their contact details.

o   EA has spoken with LI HQ regarding the location of the event as it is out with the LIEE region.  LI HQ has advised that EA notify the South East branch, perhaps with a view to shared resources.

o   If there is a problem with hosting the event in MK options were discussed for relocating it to Cambridge or Bedford.  EA to speak with South East branch in the first instance.

o   JD to forward contact details for Countryscape to JB.

o   It was agreed that a save the date holding email should be sent out asap to include the following: date, venue, brief synopsis of the day and objectives, and that there will be 4 speakers and 3 workshop. JD/JB to create a draft and circulate to the committee.

o   Discussion took place over collating of the information and delegate packs.  To be reviewed at next meeting if this service could be carried out by a print shop / pa company – indicative costs required.

o   JB confirmed there was no sponsor for this event and that the event was still in line with the financial plan.

o   JB to keep the committee involved with any updates on the planning of the event.

o   It was agreed that the event would be open to 80 people, maximum 40 students (who would not be charged).


D. LVIA/renewable energy: To be reviewed with CB

o   Spring/summer 2017

o   event: visit to a case study, anaerobic digestion, biomass energy centre in green belt (Royston)


E. Possible future events:

    • Pub lunch/walk

o   Cambridge Brewery social event January 2017. SP to make further enquiries.  Committee to review if this will be a social / networking event or include a tour.  Old Bicycle Shop suggested as an alternative venue.

o   City Park West, Chelmsford – possible walking tour.  To be reviewed by the committee as a possible AGM venue for April / May 2017.

o   Sustainable Management Talk.  Carried out for another region to great success. Speaker happy to present to other branches. CN to make initial enquires to suitable venues.

P2C –  AL provided an update.  Two meetings held since last committee meeting.

o   AL to contact DP to arrange further dates and with key speakers.

o   EA proposed the committee provide support to the P2C group through subsidising meeting rooms for meetings ie. St John’s Centre, Bury St Edmunds.  All present in agreement.

University support and awards


o   The committee has received an invitation to the graduation ceremony in September as a Landscape Institute named member and to hand out awards.  AL will be attending as a graduate.

o   JD would be interested in attending final year exhibitions and that it would be worth considering integrating a prize giving with the exhibition. To be reviewed at future meetings.



o   It was agreed that the awards process needs to be reviewed and that LIEE would like to be more involved with the selection process.  It was agreed that this would be added to the agenda for the next committee meeting.


Student Reps:

o   It was agreed the reps would hold separate meetings with students to report back to the committee on student issue and matters.

o   JD enquired whether the committee could hold an open meeting with students at the Universities.

o   CN agreed to carry out some initial investigations into whether this would be popular with students.

o   To be left as an open item for further discussion.



A.      Paul Kirkham – The Suffolk Design Review Panel is looking for new panel members.  EA has joined the panel.  Cambridge run a successful design review panel and the same is anticipated for Suffolk.  EA to report back following meeting in September.

B.      Request received from licentiate member asking if a P2C bursary would be available.  The committee agreed they would consider bursaries but a set of conditions would need to be established prior to this and any bursary is at the discretion of the committee.  Initial thoughts on conditions:

o   Must be practicing in the East of England region

o   Must be a sole practioner / maternity leave / unemployed

o   Must be in the P2C programme for the year of the request.

o   Reference from P2C mentor.

It was agreed that LIEE events would be free to licentiate and student members.

It was agreed that details of the P2C programme at Westminster would be added to the LIEE website.

C.      Careers Fayre, St Mary’s School Cambridge.  SP confirmed a stall for the LIEE has been reserved.  LIEE committee to confirm who will attend at next meeting.

RHS have a programme of events ‘big green planet’ and are looking for members of LIEE who may be interested in volunteering time.  It was agreed this would go into the next e-news.


·         Confirmation received that the account signatories have been changed and new chequebooks are being issued to EA.

·         Financial report received from CB was read out including the finances in the current and deposit accounts.

·         Committee agreed that a funding application would not be submitted at this time.  LI HQ have requested a report on how funding has been spent previously. EA and CB to prepare and submit.  It was agreed that events which had no funding should be logged as zero but still recorded.

Branch reps report :

·         Report received from CB read out.  At recent general meeting it was voted to change the institutes manifesto to Landscape Practice

·         A consultant has been appointed nationally to review all Landscape Architecture courses across the UK (undergrad and postgrad) to check compliance.  Further details to follow.


None to report

Date/Location for next meetings:

4 October – Cambridge  – to be advised

6 December – Ipswich (Open)

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