Committee Meeting Minutes – 5 / 4 / 2016

1 Apologies: Catherine BaileyPresent: Martina Sechi, Liz Adams, Dawn Purves, Javier Babi, Jonathan Dix
Minutes of meeting 2nd February 2016- Approved
3 Matters arising :

  • Draft a letter to comment on the LCA event held in Cambridge on the 23rd of March, then circulate it to the committee for comments
  • LA reports great feedbacks on the Re-thinking Urban Landscape Exhibition, good venue, organization, turn-up and exhibition material
  • LA query:  LI say they will have new exhibition, then we should have it in more then 1 venue



  • LVIA/renewable energy: event for June/July – MS: ask confirmation of exact dates and if the event is still in progress –  visit to a case study, anaerobic digestion, biomas energy centre in green belt ( Royston)
  • AGM confirmed 3rd of May, linked event: CDM with Colin Moore
    • AGM follows the CDM seminar
    • MS confirm date to Emma Wood at the LI
    • Advertise on website, etc
    • Save papers for voting on the website (check and amend the committee list)
    • Remember to mention at the AGM: need for more committee members (including vacancies), stress the big effort required to prepare events
  • Herbaceous plant in the landscape:
    • 22nd September all day event: seminar and walk around the garden
    • venue Fullers Mill
    • Kingsbury confirmed availability and James Titchmarsh
    • Tickets (set up eventbrite, MS ask RB login details): £10 / free for students ( early bird for 1 month at £5)
  • Capability Brown24th of May – MS waiting for material, then advertise
  • Helen Tranter who chairs the Public Sector Working Group for the LI (and of which CB is part) has suggested we host a PSWG meeting in the Eastern Region in order to energise public sector members in our region around the issues affecting them
    • Suggest the best date in July to hold the meeting – JD suggests 7th or 8th of July, check that there is no conflict with the LVIA event
    •  List names of people or public sector organisations that we know have landscape architects that I can contact to invite – Can we add charities? Broads Authority? Wildlife Trust? Internal Drainage Boards?
    • Is it organized/fund by LIEE?




  • Awards ceremony to take place in September.  Certificates and cheques to be organised. CG to liaise with DP / RB and confirm attendance. Martine Howlett (Administrator, Writtle College) is in contact with DP.




  • Seminar at Cranfield “Ecosystem service by design”:
    • Cranfield university venue fee is too expensive
    • Discuss further what is Cranfield Uni involvement besides giving speakers?
    • Possible dates: 4thor 8th of Nov or 2nd of December
    • organized the day schedule to have longer breaks and the workshop subdivision, maybe more tutors needed to create smaller groups
    • If JB has to leave the organization of the event Alexandros would take over
    • JB to prepare a document with full programme and relevant contact details for the event


















































Correspondence :

  • DP commented on the letter sent form the Board in relation to Motion 1, it seems to leading in declaring what we should vote
  • Daisy Parson contacted the LIEE for help in setting up a P2C study group and create bespoke CPDs – MS will follow up





6 Finance – Treasurers report – Rachel to step down as Treasurer at AGM and from the committeeBranch funding request  was acceptedLI is pushing for us to spend our money before asking for funding


7 Branch reps report CB

  • Open some of the Committee meetings to all branch members for suggestions/support/help – MS advertise on website/enews- AFTER AGM: DP to promote ‘Open committee meeting’ clear at the AGM, the officiale open to public committee meeting will be available on the website
  • Twitter: till waiting for CG to send account details, SP try to re-set it
  • Banners: Emma Wood confirmed the process is ongoing, will report to CB at the next LI meeting
  • P2C study group in EofE, create bespoke CPDs – MS liaising with Daisy Parson
  • Stepping down from position: Dawn, Rachel and Liz (running for Chair) MS: advertise treasure position on LIEE medias
  • Possible future events:
    • Pub lunch/walk
    • Cambridge Brewery social event January 2017
  • MS create doodle with all the committee meeting date as per list below and circulate to committee: committee members to keep update their availability on Doodle, MS will then check numbers a week before each meeting and re-schedule if needed
  • MS send LA pictures of the exhibition in Ipswich

























9 Date/Location for next meetings:5 April – Bury St Edmunds7 June – Cambridge (Open)

2 August – Bury St Edmunds

4 October – Cambridge

6 December – Bury St Edmunds (Open)


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