Ecosystem Services by Design Conference on Friday 18th November


LI East of England together with SouthEast of England Branch and Cranfield University have organised the LIEE-Cranfield Conference 2016: Ecosystem Services by Design, which will be held on the 18th of November in Milton Keynes.


This conference will explore the integration of ecosystem services into landscape design, planning, and management practice, stressing the role of science to facilitate this. The lectures and workshops will show the value of a services-led landscape practice to create more resilient, multifunctional and cost-effective liveable landscapes.


This event will provide an introduction to the topic of ecosystem services, a look into innovative methodologies, approaches and recent case studies from a landscape perspective. The event is designed to be useful for landscape professionals with or without previous knowledge in ecosystem services.


Please, see detailed information about this event (venue, speakers, schedule) in the following link:

Cranfield Conference -CompletePackage


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Landscape Institute Technical Information Note on Ecosystems Services:

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