Student Award 2017: Congratulations to Laura Gardner!

Laura Gardner won the student award for the bast planting scheme. She describes below the design ‘Astiveri an Lanwes Mor’:

 “Cuntelleugh an brewyon us gesys na vo kellys trauth.” Collect the fragments that remain so that none might be lost.

The fragments found along the Penryn River tell the stories of diverse people and places: monks, pirates, farmers and kings; those who have lived on and passed over the river’s banks for nearly a thousand years. They also tell of the processes which have shaped this river: the tide which rises and falls without fail, the diversity of the species which call this ria home. Astiveri an Lanwes Mor proposes a strategic masterplan for this area, which collects these fragments and creates a place for the inhabitants of the riverbanks. Running along the south bank of the Penryn River, Astiveri an Lanwes Mor provides a green connection between Penryn and Falmouth, south Cornwall.


While planting design is often overlooked at a strategic scale, the use of plants was perceived as a vital element to connect people and place, particularly the reintroduction of riparian species along this industrialised river’s edge. While the planting can be divided into ornamental, woodland and scrub and riparian typologies, it was designed to be experienced as a cohesive system, providing a range of habitats in order to create a diverse and resilient ecosystem in the area.

About me:

I originally trained as a Garden Designer at Falmouth University, a place which has stuck with me ever since. After graduating I had the great opportunity to live off the land for a couple of years, gaining valuable insight into the growing of plants and their value in every day life. I worked for several years at Trees for Cities, helping to deliver and design a number of their London projects and it was while in this role that I decided to take the step to undertake my Masters at Writtle University College. Since finishing my MA I have been working at CSA Environmental in Hertfordshire, developing skills in landscape planning.

Laura Gardner
Landscape Architect | Garden Designer | Writer


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